Welcome to St David's Annual Horse & Dog Show


The St David's Annual Charity Horse & Dog Show is run by a non profit group called St David's Charity. The group was formed in 2007 to raise money for Farms for City Children at Lower Treginnis in St David's by resurrecting the St David's Horse Show, but our first show was in October 2006 at Lower Treginnis.

The show moved to Trehenlliw in 2007, and over the years the show has grown in size and popularity. We've joined forces with local Pony Clubs, introduced national qualifying classes to the show jumping and added WTRA qualifying trekking classes, and also introduced a 'companion' dog show.

In 2009 we made a decision to raise money for any charity or good cause in Pembrokeshire and to date, we have raised over £3,000 for 10 local charities. But it doesn't end there, over the next few years we intend to introduce events and attractions to the show to help us raise more money for charities and good causes in Pembrokeshire.